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‘Let’s teach you the tools to create the body you've always wanted.‘ - PKC

We at Strong Healthy Women ditch ‘DIET-TRENDS’.

Rather, we will help you CORRECT your habits that last a lifetime!

Puneet Kaur Chhabra

Find Your Root Cause 

The hormones in your body are like a symphony of instruments – when they are all in perfect harmony, they produce a beautiful melody, but when even one is off-key, it can create a discordant jumble of notes - there lies the your root cause...

The Right Nutrition

No matter how healthy your diet is, it's not as effective if your body is unable to absorb the vital nutrients it needs. Just like planting a seed in the ground; it can't grow without absorbing nutrients from soil - it's not what you eat, it's all what you digest...

The Right Workout

Whether you work out extensively or don't exercise at all, you're harming yourself!  It’s like a double-edged sword; you can cut yourself either way. It's never about bouncing from one diet to another or exhausting yourself with exercise...

Your Way to Health

Whether you're losing stubborn fat, reversing PCOS, or getting ready for a baby, we've got a comprehensive health & fitness plan for you.

Puneet Kaur Chhabra

Reclaim Your Health!

It's time to get you off-pills with our health and fitness plans. Just like a RESCUE MISSION where we help you escape from unhealthy habits and into a world of habits that work!

"It was an incredible experience I had. Thanks to Puneet Mam. She is an excellent coach. I reduced from XL to M with her guidance. She reversed PCOS with natural remedies. It's been a great journey with Team Strong Healthy Women. Thanks and God bless you all!"

Nagma Rana 

"3 months ago, I started Puneet's wellness program. I have experienced a significant increase in my energy levels. My bronchitis and constipation have resolved. Also, the customized workouts in this program have helped me. Team Puneet has been my go-to choice for wellness needs."

Richa Patel

"I have had weight issues for a long time and have been dealing with PCOS. I have tried gyms, diets and whatnot but they left me exhausted or starving. Fortunately, I learned about Puneet and after my first consultation, I knew I wanted to follow her guidance. It’s been 7 weeks now and I would very proudly like to share that my body fat has reduced by 12, and my waist has decreased by 3 INCHES. Above all, I do not have cravings!!!"

Khushboo Garg

Be Healthiest You!

NO strict diet or workout regimes, NO fad diets, NO depriving yourself. As you lead a busy life, we help you effortlessly begin, sustain, and integrate healthy habits into your daily life. It’s like choosing the right clothes for the right occasion. You don’t want to wear a saree to the beach, or a bikini to a wedding. Getting a healthy foundation will make you more energetic and productive!

Puneet Kaur Chhabra

Meet Your Favorite Health Transformation Coach

Puneet Kaur Chhabra is your go-to girl for shaping up, boosting energy levels and productivity. Make life (and business) easier and more fun with her, whether it's shedding stubborn fat, hormone balance, a healthy pregnancy, or reversing PCOS. 

Puneet has been in the Health & Fitness industry for a decade. Today she is a Women Health Transformation Coach, Prenatal Postnatal Health Expert, Certified Yoga Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist, AUTHOR of "Tum to Tone", and FOUNDER of "Strong Healthy Women".

But it wasn’t always like that:

When she first started out online in 2014 she hated seeing how social media promoted weight loss while exploiting women's health. She wanted to say..., she wanted to tell every woman that weight loss is NOT the solution to health problem of yoursss.

After a couple of years she founded Strong Healthy Women – an online health and fitness consultancy and coaching platform with 'Be Your Healthiest Self' as the driving force behind her brand.

With proven expertise in women's health, fitness and nutrition, Puneet Kaur Chhabra helped women remold into a healthier and better version of themselves by eating right and adopting easy, essential, yet effective lifestyle changes for sustainable results. Through her expertise, she have empowered women to take back their health and create transformations that last. Her work has reached a diverse range of women from all around the world. Empowering them to make sustainable changes to their lifestyle and diet, while achieving their goals of better health and a toned physique.

Since 2017 she focused exclusively on Women's Health & Nutrition and was featured on Zee5, Medium, The Print, US Times Now and many more.

Now she just can’t wait to share her secret formulas, powerful simple strategies, personalized for your health goals while enhancing your productivity & toning your body at the same time.

Let's Make It Happen - It's Time to Take Control of Your Health & Life!

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Whether you're just starting out or looking to make improvements, taking the first step towards a healthier-self could be the most rewarding decision you make. START your journey NOW and see the positive impacts it can make!

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Puneet Kaur Chhabra

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Puneet Kaur Chhabra
Puneet Kaur Chhabra
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Puneet Kaur Chhabra
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